Goniometers at Scrubsmart.com

29th Aug 2014

What is a goniometer?

A goniometer is used by physical therapists to verify the range of motion of a patients joint. 

Goniometers have two arms, one movable and one immovable. The therapist places the goniometer on the joint to measure two specific points. The marks on the goniometer assist the physical therapist in measuring motion of the joint. 

At the beginning of physical therapy, a goniometer is used to measure a baseline range of motion for a joint. Once that is established, subsequent measurements are used to make sure that the physical therapy treatment is helping the patient improve their circumstances. 

Where can I buy a goniometer?

Scrubsmart.com has may different goniometers that vary by size. We have low discounted prices and offer bulk pricing on goniometers as well. 

We have the following goniometers in stock:

Finger Goniometer

6 Inch Goniometer Round

6 Inch Goniometer 180 degree

8 Inch Goniometer Round

8 Inch Spinal Goniometer

12 Inch Goniometer

Various Goniometer Sets

We also have tape measures in stock as well.