Nurse Accessories

14th Feb 2015

Today's nurses and nursing students are required to purchase many items to assist them in their career. It can get pretty hectic having to purchase and carry so many different items. Luckily, has many of the essential must have items nurses and nursing students need to help them in their career.

Listed below are some of the essential items that nurses need every day.

Item # 1 Blood Pressure Monitor and Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope Set 

Finding a quality and dependable aneroid sphygmomanometer and stethoscope are essential in checking a patients blood pressure and vital signs. 

Stethoscope and Blood Pressure Kits starting at $21.99. 

Item # 2 Lister Bandage Scissor

A highly important accessory for Nurses to assist with the following:

  • To size bandages and dressings
  • To cut through medical gauze
  • To cut through bandages already in place

Lister Bandage scissors. Starting at $4.99

Item # 3 Scrub pocket organizer / Nurse Apron

Lets face it, nurses have to carry many different items to assist them in their duties. To make things easier a Scrub pocket organizer helps keeps items neatly organized within the scrub pocket. Also, a Nurse Apron helps keeps things organized while wrapped around the waist. 

Scrub Pocket Organizer / Nurse Apron. Starting at $5.99

Item # 4 Penlight

Penlights are utilized to check a patient's pupillary response during a check up. A quality and affordable penlight are very important to nurses. 

Penlights Starting at $6.49.