EMI 6 Piece Goniometer Set Plus Measuring Tape - 7 Pieces Total EGM-431

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The Elite Medical Instruments 6 Piece Gonio Set + Tape Measure is perfect for Physical Therapy professionals and students alike.

Included in the set are the following goniometers:

1- 12" goniometer

1- 8" goniometer

1- 8" spinal goniomter

1 - 6" goniometer

1 - 6" 180 degree goniometer

1 - Finger goniometer

Model: EGM-431

The set also includes a bonus body tape measure. 


The head of the Elite Medical Instruments goniometers feature 360 degrees of coverage in 1-degree increments to ensure ISOM (International Standards of Measurement) accuracy.

Measurements in inches and centimeters are on the arms.

The clear plastic permits observation of the joint's axis of motion and range of motion. 


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