EMI Dual Head Value Cardiology Stethoscope ESC-111

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The Elite Medical Instruments Stainless Steel Dual Head Cardiology Stethoscope ESC-111 is uniquely designed to fit the ear structure for maximum hearing efficiency.

Features include thick binaural wall tubing and a deep cone shaped stainless steel chest pice with non-chill ring.Latex free.

This discount value cardiology stethoscope is perfect for Beginners, Students, Medical Students, Nurses, Nursing Students, and Medical Professionals.Comes in Foam Box packaging with spare accessories.

- Cardiology style Y tubing 

- Durable Stainless Steel

- Includes accessories: replacement diaphragm and with extra pair of ear tips

- Dual sided bell and diaphragm with non-chill rim


Features manufacturers lifetime limited warranty.


3 Colors Available: Black, Burgundy, Navy


This is a great Cardiology stethoscope to learn on before investing in more expensive stethoscopes. Perfect for nurses, medical students, and medical professionals. 


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