EMI EKG Calipers at Scrubsmart

24th May 2018

What are EKG calipers?Ekg calipers are utilized by medical professionals, nurses, and students to interpret distance and intervals of the electrocardiogram graph readings.Where to buy ekg calipers?You … read more

Dual Head Stethoscopes

17th Nov 2015

Combination scopes (those equipped with both a diaphragm and bell) are designed to provide a broader frequency response. In a typical combination scope, only one side of the chestpiece is "active" at … read more

Nurse Accessories

14th Feb 2015

Today's nurses and nursing students are required to purchase many items to assist them in their career. It can get pretty hectic having to purchase and carry so many different items. Luckily, Scrubsma … read more

Customer Questions

2nd Feb 2015

Here are some common questions our customers run into when using our products.Q: Why does only one side of my stethoscope chest piece work?A: Combination scopes (those equipped with both a diaphragm a … read more
EYE Test Exam Charts

EYE Test Exam Charts

1st Dec 2014

How do you use an eye test / exam chart?Eye test charts are utilized by doctors to measure a patient's vision during a visual acuity exam / test. The patient will be asked to cover one eye and read ou … read more