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Dual Head Stethoscopes


Combination scopes (those equipped with both a diaphragm and bell) are designed to provide a broader frequency response. In a typical combination scope, only one side of the chestpiece is "active" at a time. Rotating the chestpiece around its valve stem selects one side and "deactivates" the other. Hold the tubing with one hand and rotate the stethoscope chest piece until it is clicked into place.

Use the smaller bell for a more focused exploration of sound in a smaller area. The smaller bell also gives more detail by reducing the area covered and shutting out nearby sounds that a larger bell would pick up. Use the smaller bell to distinguish between subtle sounds in specific locations like a cardiologist or other medical staff. 

Use the other side of the bell (with the diaphragm) to listen to a less focused area inside of the chest cavity.

EMI EKG Calipers $5.49 at Scrubsmart

What are EKG calipers?Ekg calipers are utilized by medical professionals, nurses, and students to interpret distance and intervals of the electrocardiogram graph readings.Where to buy ekg calipers?You have come to the right place. Scrubsmart has Elite Medical Instruments EKG calipers in stock and ready for sale. We have individual ekg calipers for sale. We also [...]

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Nurse Accessories

Today's nurses and nursing students are required to purchase many items to assist them in their career. It can get pretty hectic having to purchase and carry so many different items. Luckily, Scrubsmart.com has many of the essential must have items nurses and nursing students need to help them in their career.Listed below are some [...]

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Customer Questions

Here are some common questions our customers run into when using our products.Q: Why does only one side of my stethoscope chest piece work?A: Combination scopes (those equipped with both a diaphragm and bell) are designed to provide a broader frequency response. In a typical combination scope, only one side of the chestpiece is "active" [...]

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EYE Test Exam Charts

How do you use an eye test / exam chart?Eye test charts are utilized by doctors to measure a patient's vision during a visual acuity exam / test. The patient will be asked to cover one eye and read out loud the letters or symbols displayed on the chart. The test is administered to verify [...]

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Nurse Pinning Ceremony

For every nurse or medical professional, comes the day they graduate and attend their pinning ceremony. The years of learning and hard work all come to fruition on this special graduation day in front of their family and loved ones. Future medical professionals and nurses are welcomed into the respective profession with welcomed arms. For the [...]

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What is Blood Pressure?

What is blood pressure?Blood pressure is utilized by doctors and nurses to diagnose patients by measuring the Systolic and Diastolic blood pressure readings.During a normal cycle, each heart beat pushes blood to the rest of the body via the arteries. During a heartbeat, the pressure being forced against the arties is known as the Systolic reading.Between each heartbeat, the [...]

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Goniometers at Scrubsmart.com

What is a goniometer?A goniometer is used by physical therapists to verify the range of motion of a patients joint. Goniometers have two arms, one movable and one immovable. The therapist places the goniometer on the joint to measure two specific points. The marks on the goniometer assist the physical therapist in measuring motion of the [...]

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Scrubsmart Nurse Kit $49.99

With Nursing students and Medical Students being on tight budgets, Scrubsmart has the perfect kit for any student in the medical field.We have a 9 piece Nurse kit for only $49.99!!!This is a great price!The 9 piece kit features the following items:1- Aneroid Sphygmomanometer with Adult Blood Pressure Cuff1- Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope1- Otoscope with 5 specula1- [...]

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Stethoscope and Blood Pressure Set Kit

Scrubsmart has quality Stethoscope and Blood Pressure sets in stock.We have a variety of colors for Stethoscopes and Aneroid Sphygmomanometers to fit your style and budget.Our sets include a Stethoscope, Blood Pressure monitor set ( Includes a Regular Adult Cuff, Bulb, and Gauge), and a convenient carrying case.We have the following sets in stock:- Single Head [...]

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