EMI EKG Calipers $5.99 at Scrubsmart

EMI EKG Calipers $5.99 at Scrubsmart

What are EKG calipers?

Ekg calipers are utilized by medical professionals, nurses, and students to interpret distance and intervals of the electrocardiogram graph readings.

Where to buy ekg calipers?

You have come to the right place. Scrubsmart has Elite Medical Instruments EKG calipers in stock and ready for sale. We have individual ekg calipers for sale. We also have bulk / group discounts available for EKG / ECG calipers. Whether you are a student, teacher, nurse, or a medical professional, give our ekg calipers a try.

The EMI EKG calipers are highly rated, durable, and finely crafted. We also have EKG Calipers and EKG Ruler combination sets available.

Please click on the links below to find out more about the EKG calipers we have for sale:

EMI Basix Economy EKG Caliper $5.99

EMI Deluxe EKG Caliper $6.99

EKG Caliper and EKG Ruler combination set $8.99

Bulk Discounts available as well for EKG Calipers!

8th Jul 2022

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