Nurse Pinning Ceremony

19th Nov 2014

For every nurse or medical professional, comes the day they graduate and attend their pinning ceremony. The years of learning and hard work all come to fruition on this special graduation day in front … read more

What is Blood Pressure?

2nd Sep 2014

What is blood pressure?Blood pressure is utilized by doctors and nurses to diagnose patients by measuring the Systolic and Diastolic blood pressure readings.During a normal cycle, each heart beat pu … read more

Goniometers at

29th Aug 2014

What is a goniometer?A goniometer is used by physical therapists to verify the range of motion of a patients joint. Goniometers have two arms, one movable and one immovable. The therapist places … read more
Scrubsmart Nurse Kit $49.99

Scrubsmart Nurse Kit $49.99

29th Aug 2014

With Nursing students and Medical Students being on tight budgets, Scrubsmart has the perfect kit for any student in the medical field.We have a 9 piece Nurse kit for only $49.99!!!This is a grea … read more

Stethoscope and Blood Pressure Set Kit

29th Aug 2014

Scrubsmart has quality Stethoscope and Blood Pressure sets in stock.We have a variety of colors for Stethoscopes and Aneroid Sphygmomanometers to fit your style and budget.Our sets include a Stet … read more