2021 Nurse Gift Ideas - Nurse Pocket Organizer Kit

2021 Nurse Gift Ideas - Nurse Pocket Organizer Kit

We feel that the best gift to give a nurse this holiday season is the EMI Nurse Pocket Organizer Kit

This kit features a penlight, lister scissor, pocket organizer, and a chart pen.

With essential items, as well as helping keeping the pockets organized, makes it a great companion for nurses. 

Comes in 5 colors: Black, White, Pink, Purple, and Royal. 

Product Description

EMI Nurse Pocket Organizer Kit for Nurses and Medical Professionals

The Elite Medical Instruments pocket organizer kit features a nylon scrub pocket organizer with additional accessories. Perfect for nurses and medical professionals to keep items neatly organized and ready for usage.

Nurse Pocket Organizer Kits from Elite Medical Instruments

EMI Nurse Pocket Organizer KIt

Stylish and Useful

The pocket organizer kit is perfect for nurses and medical professionals who need to keep their pockets organized and items ready. The pocket organizer may be fitted into a scrub pocket (pocket organizer dimensions 6 inch height by 5 inch width) or sit on your side when a belt has been looped through (belt not included).

Nurse Pocket Organizer

Ideal for Organization

5 Separate pockets for storing and organizing your tools. The velcro tabs hold items for easy access and storage.

Nurse Pocket Organizer Kit

Included Accessories

The Elite Medical Instruments Pocket Organizer Kit includes the pocket organizer, a 4 color chart pen, disposable medical penlight, and a 5.5 inch lister bandage scissor. 

8th Jul 2022 ScrubSmart.com Staff

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