EMI 3 Piece Fitness Body Mass Index Measurement Set: BMI Wheel Calculator, BMI Triangle Calculator Body Tape Measure, and Standard Body Tape Measure

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The Elite Medical Instruments BMI 3 Piece Set. A Great Value!

Item 1: The Elite Medical Instruments BMI (Body Mass Index) wheel calculators are easy to use wheel calculators which calculate the tedious calculation of BMI. Body Mass Index gives an indication of body fat. Perfect for trainers and physical therapists.

Item 2: The Elite Medical Instruments BMI (ECB-301) Calculator. Features a white plastic case. Size 7.3 x 7.3 x 2.3cm. To use the item, turn the middle plate according to the personal height and weight. Once the height turn to the different weight, BMI will show healthy, over weight, obese, underweight. Use the tape to measure the waist.

Item 3: Elite Medical Instruments Retractable Compact Tape Measure This handy, compact tape measure is perfect to carry in your pocket or purse for those times when you need to measure something while on the go. It's also great to have around the house for quick measurements. Because the tape is flexible, it can fit around round objects as well as measuring straight lengths. When you pull out a length of tape, it stays in position. Then you hit the button to retract it.

  • EMI BMI Wheel Calculator 4.25 inch, Single sided, Adult ECB-20
  • EMI Triangle BMI Calculator Tape Measure - 60" / 1.5 m ECB-301
  • EMI Body Retractable Tape Measure - Blue EAM-400B
  • Brand: Elite Medical Instruments
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