EMI Taylor Percussion Medical Reflex Neurological Hammer- Black

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EMI Taylor Percussion Medical Reflex Neurological Hammer- Black

The Elite Medical Instruments Taylor reflex hammer in black, the most popular of neurological hammers. Overall length of hammer is 7.5". Used to test deep tendon reflexes, muscles, or bone fractures in the joints. The Taylor hammer features a 7 1/2" chrome handle and triangular rubber head. The triangular head is used to elicit myotatic reflexes by striking the exact location of the tendon. The handle is nicely balanced to apply force to elicit a response. The bottom of the handle also comes with a pointed tip for obtaining cutaneous and plantar reflexes.

A quality item at a great price. 

This entry level reflex hammer is perfect for medical professionals, nurses, and students. 

Bulk discount available. $1 off per unit when purchasing 2 or more reflex hammers. 


Color: Black

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